Best 9 Inch Large Angle Grinder That You Should Have in Toolbox in 2022

If you decided to buy a 9-inch (230 mm) angle grinder, then you just landed on a blog where we choose the best products based on honest reviews and personal user experience. Angle grinders are one of the most popular tools because of their versatility. And of course, a 9-inch angle grinder is one of the most popular among the other sizes. The best 9-inch angle grinder may be tricky to find out. But our angle grinder hub helps you a lot to choose the best one.


I have collected and used top-rated 9-inch angle grinders for my angler grinder hub blog readers. However, if you are thirsty to choose the best one for you, then I highly recommend you to read this article first to last. Because in this article, there are top-rated and high-quality product names on the market.




Object to Pick These 6 Best 9-Inch Angle Grinder

After doing the ins and outs research of the 9-inch angle grinder, I collected these products list. No doubt, the products are top-rated and leading on the market (both online and offline). However, break down the following list and get your best one.


  1. Makita 9 Inch Angle Grinder: Makita GA9020 9-Inch Angle Grinder
  2. Best 7/9 Inch Angle Grinder: DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder Tool
  3. Most Powerful Angle Grinder: Toolman DB5018 Single 9” Speed Angle Grinder
  4. Milwaukee 9 Inch Grinder: Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 FUEL 7 in. / 9 Angle Grinder
  5. Best Large Angle Grinder: Makita GA9031Y Powerful 9″ Angle Grinder
  6. Metabo 9″ Angle Grinder: Metabo US606467760 9″ Angle Grinder


Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Reviews Of 2022


1. Makita GA9020 9-Inch Angle Grinder


Makita GA9020 9-Inch Angle Grinder


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Are you searching for the best cheap 9” angle grinder which provides you best performance? If yes, then you can check out this Makita GA9020 9-inch angle grinder. Moreover, this Makita is perfect for both AC/DC modes of power without power loss.


With its 15.0-amp powerful motor, this unit is capable of producing 6,000 RPM for fast removing the materials. In addition, the protective zig-zag varnish seals the armature from dust and debris. So, you can get lasting support from this angle grinder.


Overall, the product comes with a soft and sturdy grip that allows the users to work long-time without any comfort issues. As you see in the picture, it is a corded angle grinder, but you should not worry about the electricity bill because it is an energy-efficiency angle grinder.


Features at a Glance

  • Users can use this component for both AC/DC power modes without power loss issues.
  • A 15.0-amp powerful motor capable of producing 6000-rpm fast materials removable facility.
  • Its larger rubber tools rest protect your work, and Labyrinth construction provides long-time support.
  • Rotatable gear housing helps the users to take multiple positions for their applications.
  • Included a perfect wrench for easily attach or remove the wheels from this tool.


What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers like this tool because of its 200-watts voltage and support users to use both 7 to 9 inches without any damaging issues even working heavily.
What They Don't Like
  • Some customers don’t like this component because of its plastic gear. They think that the plastic gear does not perform well as they expect.


2. DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder Tool, 7-Inch/9-Inch, 5.3-Horsepower

DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder Tool, 7-Inch/9-Inch, 5.3-Horsepower

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DEWALT D28499X tool is one of the best 7/9 inch angle grinders, which is top-rated on the market. Why is it top-rated? Because the users get 5.3 horsepower and other high-quality features which made this unit unique from others.


Its high-power 5.3 HP (Horsepower) is capable of producing 6000-rpm power, which protects high-power speed under the load. Moreover, its rotatable grip with soft plastic construction helps you a lot to get the best support with any position and maximum comfort.


This model comes with a strong safety measure that protects you, and this tool when the load or occur short-circuits. The automatic turn-off brushes shut down the tool when the over-charge begins and comes under overloaded issues.


Features at a Glance

  • Comes with 5.3 HP, which is capable of producing a 6000-rpm power facility.
  • The rotating rear handle provides you with improved ergonomics in cutting the grinding equipment.
  • The grip allows you to get a 5-different angle position with maximum comfort.
  • Low-profile gear case functions help you to work with a tight and sensitive area.
  • Its automatic turn-off brushes shut-off help you to reduce the damage issues of this tool.


What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers love this unit because of its sensitive and tight area to work as well as the mountain side to cut down the stone. They also love it for its 7/9-inch angle grinder support.
What They Don't Like
  • The majority of users think it is not a lightweight tool for easily portable devices from one place to another. They also think that the price may high enough.


3. Toolman DB5018 Single Speed Angle Grinder 9″ 15A For Heavy Duty

Toolman DB5018 Single Speed Angle Grinder 9

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Let’s welcome another top-rated and powerful brand and its powerful model. This Toolman DB5018 Single 9” speed angle grinder provides you maximum power because it is used a 15-amp motor that is capable of producing 6000-rpm.


No doubt, it is one of the most powerful angle grinders. Moreover, it is used a double insulation protection system that helps you to work heavy-duty without any damaging issues. Overall, the tool is perfect for continuous work at full speed without any damaging issues.


Toolman DB5018 is a trusted product because it comes with ETL security certification and energy-efficiency functions that allow you to get the best service from this unit. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this model.


Features at a Glance

  • Its 15-amp motor provides the customers a 6000-rpm power supply without any break.
  • DB5018 9-inch angle grinder certified by ETL and energy-efficiency to get the best performance.
  • The rugged aluminum gear case takes a pounding with light and maximum comfort.
  • The spindle lock and two-position auxiliary handlebar allow working at 360-degrees.
  • This unit’s wrench helps you remove and insert the wheels easily, and you don’t need an extra wrench.


What Customers Like About This Product
  • The users like its performance and a large trigger switch which helps them to lock in position to extend operation, reducing users fatigue and rotating switch to get comfort and control.
What They Don't Like
  • The minority users dislike this tool because they think that this unit’s grinder does not produce variable speed to work better.


4. Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 FUEL 7 in. / 9 in. Large Angle Grinder

Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 FUEL 7 in. / 9 in. Large Angle Grinder

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If you love a cordless angle grinder and want to choose the best large-angle grinder with a cordless option, I would love to recommend you choose this Milwaukee angle grinder. No doubt, it is a top-rated and leading product on the market for well-known as a powerful 7-inch angle grinder.


Moreover, it has a 15-amp powerful brushless motor capable of producing high voltage power and clear power to work safely. You can use this tool for metal, cutting, wood, and concrete areas without any damaging issues.


Overall, Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection to prevent damage to the tool. Whatever the handlebar of this unit is strong and comfy. But I think it is not a handy tool because of its weight.


Features at a Glance

  • Featured with a powerful brushless motor that produces high power for heavy-duty works.
  • Redlink plus ensures optimum performance and also protects the tools from overload issues.
  • It has a powerful and lasting battery to provide high performance without frequent charge.
  • Metal housing and gearing systems make this component durable to use.
  • Without the wrench, you will change the guard and wheels fast and securely.


What Customers Like About This Product
  • This unit satisfied its users by providing a 9-inch angle grinder with diamond blade support. On the other hand, they also love its power and cordless option to reach any angle.
What They Don't Like
  • Some things are challenging about this unit because of the weight and hassle enough to portable frequently.


5. Makita GA9031Y Powerful 9″ Angle Grinder

Makita GA9031Y Powerful 9

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This is another top-rated 9-inch angle grinder that comes from the Makita brand. It comes with a 15.0-amp powerful brushless motor that delivers 6600-rpm power. With this power, you will easily do your heavy-duty and normal tasks.


The rotatable rear handle rotates with just the push of a button which you find from this tool, and gets 90-degrees angle support. On the other hand, this unit’s grip is capable of providing maximum comfort and fewer vibration options.


Furthermore, you will use this tool for both AC/DC modes. The product allows you to switch to alternative power sources. Overall, its soft and sturdy grip helps you to easily control the power, position, and balance with any kind of position.


Features at a Glance

  • The powerful 15.0-amp motor produces 66000-rpm power for versatile and heavy-duty work.
  • Used an advance and powerful grinder to work 90-degrees positions without vibration issues.
  • Suitable for both AC/DC power, and you can switch the alternative power anytime.
  • It is an energy-efficiency and lowers the noise level portable angle grinder.
  • Like the above tools, you don’t need to apply an extra wrench to remove the wheels.


What Customers Like About This Product
  • The majority of users find it the best option for the rotating option that is a really sweet feature for cutting. They also love this unit for fast and hassle-free work.
What They Don't Like
  • Some customers think that it is not a good option for multiple tasks because of the blade or wheels to attach or remove.


6. Metabo US606467760 9″ Angle Grinder – 6, 600 Rpm Professional Angle Grinders


Metabo US606467760 9

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This Metabo 9-inch angle grinder comes from Germany, and you may know that Garman tools are one of the best tools in the world. The measurement of this tool is 18 x 23 x 6.5 inches which provides you the maximum portable option.


On the other hand, you will get a manual, hybrid, and fully automated assembly system that allows getting easy access. This tool provides each quality feature that gets the user’s best performance and long-time support.


Metabo 9-inch angle grinder also provides you with strong safety such as overload, short-circuit, and other safety measures. But the warranty is not clear from the manufacturer. So, before buying this angle grinder, you just need to be clear about the warranty.


Features at a Glance

  • Users can use this tool for both AC/DC power without power loss issues.
  • The voltage of this unit is 120V and watts 2400 that is suitable for heavy-duty works.
  • The high power 15-amp brushless motor produces up to 6600 rpm power.
  • Used advanced technology to provide its users with every stage of protection.
  • The cover materials are lasting and debris, dustproof which provides you a new feeling every day.


What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers love this unit for its high-quality features and Garman technology which provides them lasting support.
What They Don't Like
  • Some customers love this unit, but they think it is an expensive angle grinder when they compare the other tools.



How To Use a 9 Inch Grinder?


A 9-Inch Angle Grinder’s User Risks and Precautions

Recently, some countries have taken steps against 9-inch (230 mm) angle grinders. Because their authorities are reported with some increased number of injuries on some worksite. There are three major reasons for that:


  1. The guard removed or loose,
  2. Being used for the wrong job,
  3. Being used in an unstable environment.


As the 9-inch angle grinder has increased power and the bigger size of the unit sometimes causes more severe kickback and gyroscopic effects (i.e. makes the grinder difficult to intrigue).


My suggestions and solutions for these problems are:


  1. Always use PPE while using any kind of angle grinder,
  2. Wear safety glasses and gloves at a minimum
  3. If there is more workload to be done, use a full face shield as well.
  4. For the bigger jobs, please also wear a fire-resistant leather apron and a welding jacket which helps to prevent hot particles down the neck.


FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the best 9-inch angle grinder?

A: From my point of view and research, I found the above six angle grinders are the best option for 9-inch. But if you are confused about choosing the exact 9-inch angle grinder, I would love to recommend you select D28499X DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, which is corded but provides the best performance.


Q: What is the best angle grinder on the market?

A: There are two types of angle grinder on the market I found which is best for maximum users. However, if you want to choose the best cordless angle grinder, you can choose Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 FUEL 7. / 9 Angle Grinder, or if you wanted to choose a corded tool, then you can choose DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder.


Q: What is the best 230mm angle grinder?

A: If you are searching for one of the best angle grinders with 230mm and provides the best performance, you can choose the Metabo 9-inch angle grinder. It is not only suitable for 230mm but also suitable for 24-230 MVT DM. Metabo 9″ Angle Grinder has Manual, Hybrid and fully automated assembly systems produced by German engineering and ingenuity.


Q: What is the best angle grinder for concrete?

A: There are plenty of angle grinders you will find on the market which is perfect for concrete work. But if you think that you need a 9-inch angle grinder for concrete, then you can choose DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder to get the best performance.


Q: What is a good amp for an angle grinder?

A: 5-6 amp is common for mid-level angle grinders. But some are high such as 11 to 15. It depends on you which types of task you need to do. If you want to do a heavy-duty task that needs more power, then you can choose a higher amp.



Final Words

It is important to choose a perfect angle grinder with the perfect size. If you already know the size and your size is 9-inch, then you can choose the best 9-inch angle grinder from the above list. In short, you can choose 9-inch DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder to get the best performance.


I hope that you have already chosen your desired one without any hassles. As I promised that I will always keep posting useful reviews and blogs based on angle grinders; you may let me know your questions or queries in the following comment box to get the best answer.


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