How To Cut Asphalt with An Angle Grinder in 2023?

How to cut asphalt with an angle grinder- is a common question for a beginner or the person who recently started to cut the asphalt. There are couples of things you need to keep in mind when you are going to cut the asphalt, such as choosing the right tools, angle grinder, and marking experience.


But, it is only for the first time. I already made a simple method that helps you cut the asphalt the proper way and help you choose the right tool. So, you will get A to Z from this article to cut the asphalt. Whatever, let’s get started with the article and cut down the asphalt.




How to Cut Asphalt with an Angle Grinder?

If you want to cut asphalt in your house or professionally, an angle grinder can be the best choice for you. However, it is easy to get the angle grinder but really confusing to cut the asphalt.


To remove your confusion, I discuss a proper method to cut down the asphalt.



Necessary Tool

Before starting the process, you need to collect some important tools so that you can only focus on your work and safely cut the asphalt.


Which types of tools do you need? Let’s check out the following tools section and get the tool as soon as possible.

  • Collect a perfect angle grinder. If you don’t choose any kind of angle grinder, I recommend collecting a Makita angle grinder.
  • Buy some protective elements such as boots, protective eyewear, and gloves.
  • Choose a cutting asphalt with a diamond blade.
  • Broom (It helps you clean the cutting area so that you can easily work).



Direction (Step by Step)

From this section, you will get a step-by-step guideline to cut down the asphalt with an angle grinder. You may need to complete only 5 steps. So, if you already collected the above tools, then you can check out the following steps.



Step 1: Wearing Protective Equipment

First of all, you need to put protective elements so that you can keep yourself safe from harmful elements. You need to wear goggles, gloves, boots, and if possible, try to wear an earplug to avoid dust and noise issues. So, are you complete this step? If yes, then jump the below steps.



Step 2: Use a Ruler or Drawing Utensil

It is important to mark the area where you want to cut the asphalt. You can use a ruler or a drawing utensil to complete the task. These two things help you to create a straight line so that you can also work professionally. So, make sure you mark the area straight.



Step 3: Using an Angle Grinder

Now, it is time to use an angle grinder to cut asphalt. Note, you should hold the angle grinder in a position to save yourself because the angle grinder may kick when you are going to cut the asphalt. On the other hand, you need to anchor with the wheel and angle grinder properly and cut the marking area.



Step 4: Use an Asphalt Cutter

After making your cut, you should use an asphalt cutter so that you can break off the piece of asphalt to try removing. On the other hand, the asphalt cutter also provides you with a professional cutting experience. So, it would help if you did not avoid this thing.



Step 5: You Are Near the Corner

Finally, you complete your task. If you think that the cutting is not completed properly, you can repeat the thing again. You just need to follow each of the steps. However, after cutting the asphalt couple of times, your angle grinder blade may be weak enough. So, when you think that the work is becoming slow, you should change the blade as soon as possible.





What’s the Best Way to Cut Asphalt?

What's the Best Way to Cut Asphalt


According to my experience, using an angle grinder with a blade is one of the best ways to cut the asphalt. There are couples of ways you may discover on the internet to cut the asphalt, but I think an angle grinder makes the task easier to do.


However, you just completed 5 steps to cut your asphalt, which I discussed in the above section. I always maintain the above 6 steps to cut the asphalt without any hassles.


However, if you think the above method is not working for you to cut your asphalt, you will let me know the following comment box.





What Blade Do I Use to Cut Asphalt? [Angle Grinder Discs for Cutting Asphalt]

When you have a perfect angle grinder to cut asphalt, it may be a duty for you to choose the best blade for cutting asphalt by hand. But, if you are a beginner person who has newly started to cut asphalt, this section may help you choose the best blade for cutting your asphalt.


Note, you will discover lots of blades to cut the asphalt, which may confuse you. To your helping hand, I already selected the two most durable and popular blades so that you don’t need to search here and there to choose the best wheel.


Whatever you can choose, the following products are for cutting your asphalt.


  1. DEWALT Diamond Blade for Asphalt, 7-Inch (You can use this angle grinder blade for both dry and wet projects).
  2. Crack Chaser Blade for Concrete & Asphalt Repair (This tool provides durable support and a lasting working experience). It is also a concrete blade to cut an asphalt which helps you to get both facilities.


I think the article helps you a lot to choose the blade and cut the asphalt without any problems. So, you can choose your blade and start to cut the asphalt professionally for both indoor and outdoor without creating any problems.




Final Verdict

It is essential for a person to cut asphalt properly without any injury. On the other hand, people also need to use the right tools to get the best experience.


I hope that you may get your question about how to cut asphalt with an angle grinder answer. Are you still unsatisfied to apply the method? If yes, you will let me know the below comment box.


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