How To Repair Angle Grinder? [Common Problems & A to Z Solutions in One Article]

An Angle Grinder has become the most common handheld power tool in our toolbox. Every day we need to do a lot of work with an angle grinder around home or workplace. But to use the angle grinder like a pro, you should know how to repair an angle grinder.


What if your angle grinder stopped working at the time you are in the middle of your work? It’ll be disappointing. There are some other angle grinder problems you may face while working with an angle grinder machine. But don’t worry about this. You can easily fix these problems if you learn about angle grinder machine repairing.


At first, you need to know the main parts of an angle grinder. They are the power switch, spindle lock button, main handle, side handle, body, motor, spindle, armature, blade guard, and power cord. You may find problems with any of these parts.


When your angle grinder stopped working, unplug the machine and try to find out the problem by checking the parts one by one. Use a screwdriver and angle grinder wrench to divide the grinder into parts.


You can also use a multimeter to check the power connection. When you find the problem, repair that part yourself. You can also get information in the user manual which can help you to repair your angle grinder.




How To Repair The Angle Grinder [A to Z Solutions]

There are various types of angle grinder problems you may face. Here are some problems and solutions below:



  • The Motor Spins But The Grinding Blade Doesn’t Move.

Solution: Sometimes it may happen that the motor of the grinder spins but the grinding blade doesn’t move. Then, unplug the grinder and check the gears, flange, spindle, and coupler. Replace these parts again to fix this problem.



  • The Spindle Lock Button Can’t Be Locked While Changing The Blade?

Solution: If it happens that you can’t lock the spindle lock button for changing the blades, you need to check the button, shoulder pin, spring, and cap. Unplug the grinder and reset the spindle lock button consisting of a button, spring, shoulder pin, and cap. Your problem will be solved.



  • The Grinder Vibrates Badly.

Solution: It is very hard to control a grinder with a bad vibration. If your angle grinder vibrates badly, you should check the bearing, gear, flange, carbon brush, and disc. When you find the part which is causing vibration, tighten or replace that part to its position. Thus, bad vibration will be decreased.



  • Excessive Sparks from Motor

Solution: As the grinding wheel moves at a great speed, emitting hot sparks is a common fact. But if you see excessive sparks from the motor, it is a matter of concern. You should check the armature, carbon brush, holder, and springs. Once you find the fault, fix the problem on your own.



  • Grinding or Squealing Sound

Solution: If grinding or squealing sound comes from the grinder, it is a symptom that any part of the grinder may be damaged. So, you should inspect the gears, bearing, armature, carbon brush, and spindle one by one. Once you find the damaged part, change and fix a new one.



  • Smoke from The Tool

Solution: When you see smoke coming from the grinder, it is a sign that something is burning inside the tool due to short-circuit. Then you should check the carbon brushes, armature, power cord, and switch. You can use a multimeter to check the power connection. Find out the damaged part and fix the problem with a new one.



  • Grinding Blade Wobble

Solution: If the blade of your grinder wobbles at the time of working, it may spoil the accuracy of your work. But you can fix the problem on your own. You should check the flange, bearings, washers, gears, spindle, and grinding blade one after another. Make sure that all the parts are in position and are fixed tightly.



  • Motor Gets Excessive Hot

Solution: It is a common fact that the motor of your grinder may get hot after running the grinder for a while. But if the motor gets excessively hot, you should inspect the carbon brushes, bearing, armature, fan, holder, and gears. Check and replace these parts altogether.



  • Trips The Power Source Circuit Breaker

Solution: When your angle grinder trips the power source circuit breaker, you need to check the power cord, carbon brushes, armature, switch, field, and extension cord.





How To Repair Angle Grinder Armature?

The armature is the major part of the angle grinder’s motor. There are four elements in the armature- wire windings, the commutator, the cooling fan, and two bearings.


You can find several common problems with any of the parts of an armature and you can repair them on your own. The problems and solutions on how to repair are given below:



  • Problems with The Wire Windings

The most common problem is the burning of the windings. If the windings get very hot, it may cause the burnt of the wires themselves or the insulation around the wires.


Solution: In that case, you need to remove the burned wires and remake the coil. You should change the insulation around the wires if it is burned.



  • Problems with The Commutator

A commutator is made of bars. Sometimes one or more bars may be broken away from the commutator or the commutator may be worn out or damaged.


Solution: If one or more bars are broken away from the commutator, you can replace them by adding new bars. But you should change the commutator if it is worn out or damaged badly.



  • Problems with The Cooling Fan

If any piece of metal or debris gets into the grinder, it may cause damage to the cooling fan. Besides, one or more fins of the cooling fan may be torn away. If the cooling fan is damaged, the motor cannot be cool properly causing the overheat and burning of the wire windings.


Solution: If it occurs, you should remove the piece of metal or debris outside of the grinder. And you should change the cooling fan if most of the fins are torn away.



  • Problems with The Bearings

There are two bearings in the armature. Any of them may be used over time and cannot move freely.

Solution: In that case, you should replace the old bearings with the new ones.





How To Repair An Angle Grinder Motor?

The motor is the vital component of an angle grinder.


But it may be a trouble when it gets overheated. If the cooling fan doesn’t work properly, the motor can’t get cool down and would get overheated.


In that case, you should check the cooling fan and fix it. But my suggestion is to buy a quality product from a well-known brand. Before buying, don’t forget to read this article to get an idea of what is the best brand of angle grinders.




How To Repair The Angle Grinder Switch?

How To Repair The Angle Grinder Switch


The switch button of the angle grinder may fall off or be broken down. It is very easy to repair or replace the switch button of the angle grinder.


Unscrew the nuts of the grinder and separate the gear, armature, and holder. There is a switch lever in the grinder. You should push the switch lever when you change or put on a switch.


After that attach the holder, armature, and gear together.





Final Words

An angle grinder is a versatile tool that you can use for various works of metal fabrication. But you need to learn how to repair an angle grinder because you might fall in trouble if your angle grinder stopped working.


You may also face other angle grinder problems while working with it. Don’t worry about this. You can certainly repair your angle grinder and solve these problems on your own if you learn about angle grinder machine repairing.


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