Is Angle Grinder A Mystery for You? Here’s All You Need to Know About Angle Grinder, Its Types & Discs

If you are thinking of doing some construction work, you will need some power tools for that. An angle grinder is one of the most essential tools for any kind of construction-related work. An Angle Grinder makes your work a lot easier when polishing, Grinding, cutting, etc different materials.


An angle grinder is definitely something that almost everyone can benefit from owning. It will provide you with so many advantages to do your work comfortably, easier and faster. An angle grinder is one of the better types of the grinders. You have to choose the best angle grinder to make easier your harder type of work.




What Is An Angle Grinder?

A grinder is a machine that helps to grind something. An angle grinder, also known as a side grinder or disc grinder, is one of the best quality power tools for different metals grinding, cutting, polishing, etc.


It has been designed with an abrasive disc for abrasive cutting and polishing different types of materials. It is a very useful and handy type of grinder.


These amazing grinders can power by electricity or battery for easy use at several places. Common types of grinders have a side handle strong and comfortable to use.




What Is The Purpose of An Angle Grinder?

  • This amazing tool is a great tool for wood, concrete, metal, tiles, etc
  • You can use is for cutting, polishing, finishing, grinding, etc. on construction and other repairing or finishing needs.
  • This essential power is required for multi-purposes.
  • It is also a more important tool for commercial purposes.




Why Do I Need An Angle Grinder?

If you have already used this amazing hand tool, the question ‘why I do need an angle grinder’ will appear lame to you. But for a beginner, we should let him/her know that this wonderful tool is a need for abrasive cutting, polishing, or grinding the concrete, metal, wood, etc. if you pick the best angle grinder then this kind of work will be easier. Angle grinder disc is perfect for doing such kind of work.




Angle Grinder Parts and Function

There are many important types of grinders tools that you need to know before using them.

Angle Grinder Parts and Function


  1. Locking Power Switch: It is a switch for the button to switch the grinder power on or off.


  1. Spindle Lock Button: The spindle lock to attach the grinder disc to the motor.


  1. Cord: It is for supplying electricity to the grinder.


  1. Handle: For the handheld operation to provide better performance during work.


  1. Grinding/Cutting Wheel: It is a grinding disc for cutting or grinding concrete or other metal materials.


  1. Wheel Guard: It covers the disc and saves you from the chips flying from the workpiece to unwanted harm.


  1. Locking Nut: It is for locking/ holding the disc properly.


But if you face any problem fixing this useful tool, read this article on how to repair grinders.




Types of Angle Grinder

There are four types of angle grinders available on the market.

Types of Angle Grinder

Corded (Electric)

This type of angle Grinder is an electric corded grinder with great power. This heavy-duty motor-type angle grinder will provide more powerful support.


It is perfect for professional working places where properly and easily electric power is available. This is grinder is ideal for cutting purposes and also other works you can do.



Cordless (Battery-powered)

This type of angle grinder is battery powered cordless grinder. It is suitable for working at different places with rechargeable battery power for grinding.


For doing outdoor work at different places you should keep in hand extra batteries. It is ideal for grinding and cutting at different places with battery power. It is easy to carry and work with the cordless feature.




The pneumatic angle grinder is an air-powered grinder that is good for cutting and shaping different materials. This type of grinder has required airpower compression to do the lighter or heavier works. The pneumatic angle grinder is a special type of grinder for different work.




This is a unique type of angle grinder which is built with the wheel positioned at a 90-degree straight angle. It is exclusively designed for grinding the inner or outer side with different grinding attached stones.



Types of Angle Grinder Discs

Types of Angle Grinder Discs

There are different types of grinding discs available on market. These discs are made for different purposes of work.



Grinding Disc

This useful grinding disc is for removing different metals. A grinding disc is great for grinding, cleaning, shaping, and removal of different materials.



Flap Disc

These types of angle discs are for finishing different types of materials. This flap disc is needed when you want a sand metal by an angle grinder. Also making a level uneven edge flap disc needs an angle grinder.



Cutoff Disc

This is the most dangerous grinder disc you should be careful of. A cutoff disc is used for cutting different types of materials.



Wire Disc

A wire disc of a grinder is needed for cleaning materials. The most common use of wire discs is to paint or rust cleaning process.




Is an Angle Grinder Dangerous or Not? All Myths and Misconceptions About Angle Grinders

Why Are Angle Grinders Dangerous


Angle Grinders are never dangerous until the moment you forget what they are.

The above word is bitter truth not only for angle grinders but also for all power tools. But yes, any danger can happen anytime even if you take the highest precaution. Danger is the most unpredictable thing that happens in our life. So if you need an outcome, get an angle grinder and go straight to the work.

So basically this is a handheld power tool and it is an abrasive wheel type grinder. Different materials cutting, grinding, polishing, etc type of risky work done by these handheld power tools.


What are The Common Dangers of Using Angle Grinders?


If the user is not well trained or professional then a dangerous accident can be happened by using an angle grinder. Different reasons that can make grinders dangerous are given below:


  • Wrong Disc Use: Discs play a vital role while working with grinders. So if you use the wrong or cheap discs, that can cause serious danger to you.
  • Kickback: Kickback can make the most fatal accident when you are using grinders. Inappropriate use of wheels or cutting at the wrong speed increase the chance of kickback.
  • Wheel Breakage: Wheel breakage is a common risk using this useful tool. This danger can happen when someone does not know the limitation of a certain grinding wheel. Best precaution is to look at the maximum speed and expiry date written on the wheel. And don’t forget to look at our review pages for the best grinding wheel for different uses.
  • Fire Sparks: Sparks is a common outcome while using grinders. Many accidents happen only because of using an angle grinder close to explosive or flammable materials.
  • Electric Shock: This is another common hazard. There are many electric angle grinders and you will face this problem with a slight mistake. Failing to avoid route cable from wheel creates a high risk of getting electric shocks anyway.


And the most common reason is users are not properly trained. So be very careful before using this multi-tasking tool.





Most Dangerous Angle Grinder Attachment




Final Words

So shortcutting, finishing, grinding, etc of stone, concrete, and metal will do an angle grinder with the best way. You can use an angle grinder for time saving and perfect work.


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