When To Replace Angle Grinder Disc & How To Put It?

Like humans, tools also have expiry dates. If you use any tool or machine regularly, it may break, damage and produce less productivity as days pass by. And also, if your tools are unused for a long time, they can be inactive or rusty. The same thing happens with angle grinders. During working with an Angle Grinder, the grinder disc might be broken down or damaged due to the kickback of the grinder or using the wrong disc. The disc can also be worn out. If so, you need to change your Angle Grinder disc. In this article, we talk about what is the alarming time to replace angle grinder discs.



How long does a grinding disc last?

The expiry date of a grinding disc varies from brand to brand and company to company. But most of the manufacturers generally give two years to three years expiry dates for a grinder disc. You have to keep in mind three important things in mind while using a grinding disc:


  • Should be less influenced by humidity
  • Should not keep it in adverse storage conditions
  • Re-speed test and reinspect should be done to any wheel that is two years old or older


One Common Problem with A Grinder Blade:

There is a common problem with the Angle Grinder blade that it may wobble due to mechanical error of the grinder or the disc may be loose. Then, you have to fix the problem using an Angle grinder wrench.


You can also change the angle grinder disc without a tool. You just need to hold the lock button and rotate to the opposite direction using your palm. Thus, the nut may lose enough and you can change the angle grinder disc without tool using only your hand!


Why To Replace Angle Grinder Disc?

You can’t work with a broken or damaged angle grinder disc. It spoils the smooth finishing of your cutting. Besides, you should work with the usable portion of the disc. When the disc is worn out, change it.



How To Replace Angle Grinder Disc

How To Replace Angle Grinder Disc


If you want to replace your angle grinder disc, follow these steps below:

  • Unplug the grinder and wait for the disc to stop moving.
  • Lose the nut with an angle grinder wrench. If you don’t have any tool to unlock the nut, use your palm on the screw and rotate it in the opposite direction.
  • Take out the damaged or worn-out disc and set a new one.
  • Lock the nut following the way you unlock it.
  • Plugin the grinder and check the disc running freely. If so, your grinder is ready to start working.




What AMP Angle Grinder Do I Need?

There are various types of angle grinders depending on the amperes (AMP) or voltages, and sizes. The range of the AMP starts from 6-amps to 15-amps. You should choose the right amp angle grinder to finish the work like a pro.


6-10 amps are perfect for small angle grinder models (41/2 -, 5- and 6- inches). For 7- and 9-inches angle grinder models, 10-15 amps is perfect.




Why Need Variable Speed Angle Grinder?

Normally an angle grinder disc runs at a maximum of 6650 rpm speed, but it starts flying sparks when the disc rotates at 4000 rpm speed.


So, if you’re working on wood at the high speed of the angle grinder disc, there might be a major chance to burn your workpiece. For this, a variable speed angle grinder is necessary for woodworking (carving or sanding) as a polisher or buffer because it’ll let you control the angle grinder disc as per as you need for a smooth finish.


Amongst the various types of Variable Speed Angle Grinder available in the market, Bosch GWS13-50VSP 5 In. Angle Grinder Variable Speed with Paddle Switch is the best seller at this time.




How To Put A Cutting Wheel On A DeWalt Grinder?

How To Put A Cutting Wheel On A DeWalt Grinder


If you want to put a cutting wheel on the DeWalt grinder for the first time, or to replace the worn-out or damaged wheel, thoroughly follow these steps below:


  • Make sure that the DeWalt Grinder is unplugged.
  • Pull off the locking nut which secures the disc to the spindle. Always press and hold the spindle lock when losing the nut. Use an angle grinder wrench to rotate the nut clockwise. If you don’t find a wrench or any tools, you can just use your palm to do the same.
  • Take the old wheel out and place a new cutting wheel on the grinder.
  • Again, press and hold the spindle lock and rotate the nut anti-clockwise until it fits the position.


Plugin the grinder into the outlet and check the disc to run freely without any disturbance. If so, you can start your work.




Final Words

Angle Grinder has become one of the most versatile handheld tools in our day-to-day life for grinding, polishing, cutting, sanding, and many other purposes.


But if you want to use the Angle Grinder like a pro, you should know when to replace the Angle Grinder disc. Because, if you try to work with a broken or worn-out disc, your work or workpiece must be spoiled!


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