Why We Can’t Ignore Angle Grinder’s Perfections in 2023? [Difference Between Grinder & Sander]

In our everyday life around home or workplace, we have to do a lot of works like

  • cutting or polishing something,
  • removing paints or rusts,
  • carving woods,
  • sanding,
  • grinding,
  • sharpening, and
  • any other metal fabrications.

For all these works, the Angle Grinder is a perfect tool you can use.


But if you want to get the best outputs from your Angle Grinder, you need to consider some issues. This power tool can be both electric-powered and battery-operated. If electric-powered, always make sure that the device is unplugged while assembling the grinder or changing the wheels.


Besides, the grinding disc may emit hot sparks when you use your grinder on heavy metals. Must wear proper protective gear for your safety. The disc may grow hot due to the frequent pressure on the same area when working with it.


You can use water to cool down the disc. But you should be careful when using water with an angle grinder if the device is electric-powered. The last but not the least thing is that never forget to secure your workpiece tightly with the workbench.


In this article, we talk about why I need an angle grinder. There are various types of Angle Grinder depending on RPMs and uses available in the market. Amongst them, the best angle grinder is the DeWalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2″ grinder.





What Does An Angle Grinder Do?

Angle Grinder is a widely used power tool working at home or in construction areas. It can perform any kind of metal fabrication work such as cutting, polishing, grinding, sanding, sharpening, and removing paints.


You can also cut tiles or concrete with the Angle Grinder. Using the Angle Grinder, you can carve woods to make sculptures or sand the wood surface for a smooth finishing.




Can A Grinder Be Used As A Sander?

Can A Grinder Be Used As A Sander


Yeah. You can obviously turn your angle grinder into a sander if you need to smooth the rough surface of the wood piece on which you’re working.


Moreover, you can sharpen your knives or sand the concrete surfaces by adding a sanding disc to your Angle Grinder. Follow these steps below to turn your Angle Grinder into a sander.


  • Check the grinder is unplugged.
  • Choose the right Flap Disc for sanding a smooth finish.
  • Lose the nut and pull out the old disc. Insert a Flap Disc and tighten the nut.
  • Start the grinder and check the disc moves freely. If so, you can start sanding any wood or concrete with gentle strokes over the surfaces.

To sharpen your knives or any other metals, secure them with a workbench before starting work.




What’s The Difference Between An Angle Grinder and A Sander?

Difference Between An Angle Grinder and A Sander


Though a grinder and a sander can both be used for sanding woods or concrete surfaces and removing paint, these two powerful tools are different in many aspects.


You can use an angle grinder for a variety of purposes like as, cutting metals or tiles, polishing, grinding, and other metal fabrications.


On the other hand, a sander can be used only for sanding woods for a smooth surface or removing paints. Another difference between a grinder and a sander is their attachments.


Various types of grinding discs are used in an angle grinder whereas a sander works with sandpaper pads or sandpaper belts.




Can I Use An Angle Grinder for Polishing?

Certainly, you can use your angle grinder for polishing metals or cars to get a brighter look.


For this work, you cannot use a typical angle grinder because an angle grinder normally works at a speed around 9000-12000 rpm whereas you need 500-2000 rpm for polishing.


So, you need a variable speed angle grinder to do the job perfectly.




Is Angle Grinder A Saw?

It won’t be wise to use an angle grinder as a power saw (or circular saw) adding a saw blade to a grinder.


If you want to fit a Power Saw blade on an Angle Grinder, it may cause injury to you because you cannot use the safeguard of the grinder as the cutting saw blade is bigger than a grinding disc.


Besides, you also cannot use a grinder disc to cut like a saw because grinder discs have no teeth.




Final Words

Nowadays an Angle Grinder has become very popular with constructors, plumbers, carpenters, or anyone who wants to do some metal fabrications work at home. Use the best angle grinder for the best outcomes.


And be aware of using water with an angle grinder which is electric-powered to avoid injuries. If you can use the Angle Grinder to maintain the precautions, you can use the grinder for a variety of uses.


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